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Spin Tires development update

Spin Tires

Spin Tires development update

It’s been a while since we posted some news about the upcoming Spin Tires title by Oovee Game Studios. SpinTires is a next Gen Off-Road simulation that was successfully funded on and promises to be one of the best off-roading experiences available for PC.

The aim of the game is to take responsibility of operating a large selection of off-road trucks and vehicles to navigate across the all-terrain landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you. Spintires utilizes a gaming engine called ‘VeeEngine’. The ‘VeeEngine’ has been built from the ground up specifically for Spintires and therefore has been optimised for this particular game genre. For the creative souls out there it might be interesting to know that Spin Tires is also supporting modded content build by the community.

On their Dev-blog, the Oovee development teams reported that they had to delay multiplayer integration because it proved to be a somewhat more difficult task than first anticipated. Basically the team will need more time to implement the feature.

You can Download the Tech-Demo of SpinTires here. On this download page you will find an original none-moddable tech demo, and a developers version which does allow community modifications. The last update is Build 07-2013. The Spin Tires Tech Demo is a development version and is not yet optimized for system performance. Spin Tires is planned to be release in In the spring, or winter of 2014.

Latest improvements:

  • Operational crane/crawl for loading logs.
  • Interactive truck components including folding trailers.
  • Winches and pull ropes.
  • Interactive rocks and other scenery assets.
  • Terrain cliffs.
  • Interactive bridges that can bend or collapse after stress.
  • Loading and unloading points.
  • Truck damage.
  • Truck fuel consumption and refuelling.
  • Ability to start and stop the engine.
  • New forest trees and foliage.
  • New Ural truck model.
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