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Stefano Casillo – Assetto Corsa coding session #7

Assetto Corsa Stefano Casillo S01E07

Stefano Casillo – Assetto Corsa coding session #7

This is episode #7 of the series of Assetto Corsa coding session live streams by Kunos Simulazioni head programmer Stefano Casillo.

On this last Sunday before the release of the Assetto Corsa 1.2 update, Stefano talks about a tire vibration bug caused by the effect of gyroscopic forces and starts working on a possible new feature for the game. In the original NeKar-Pro you could stall the engine of a car. Stefana is now thinking about implementing that feature into Assetto Corsa.

During the almost two-hour long live stream sessions, the audience can send in questions using the chat window. This Q&A part is often resulting is some very interesting answers regarding the past and future of the Assetto Corsa project.

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