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Stefano Casillo – Assetto Corsa coding session S02E03

Assetto Corsa Stefano Casillo

Stefano Casillo – Assetto Corsa coding session S02E03

Kunos Simulazioni head programmer Stefano Casillo presents episode 3 of his second series of the Assetto Corsa coding session live streams.

In this episode, Stefano continue’s explaining some of the features that will be part or the Assetto Corsa 1.3 development.  Besides working on the AI of Assetto Corsa, Stefano is also trying to implement a Drag reduction system (DRS).

Another interesting piece of code featured in this episode is the real-time Telemetry system app. This app will feature a group  of channels that can be assigned to collect real-time data and send it straight to the cockpit screen. Looking at a visualization of the data after a race can help drivers learn how they can improve their lap times.

During the one and a half hour long live stream sessions, Stefano is sharing some detailed insight into AC code, and the audience can send in questions using the chat window.  About half of the episode is dedicated to the Q&A part of the stream resulting is some very interesting discussions regarding the past and future of the Assetto Corsa project.

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