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Stock Car Extreme : Super V8 Beta at Montreal and Bathurst

Stock Car Extreme : Super V8 Beta at Montreal

Stock Car Extreme : Super V8 Beta at Montreal and Bathurst

Yesterday Reiza Studios proudly announced that they had reached the $78,000 USD goal they had set for their Game Stock Car Extreme funding campaign. With this successful funding campaign, Reiza Studios will be able to continue bringing us new and exciting content to the GSC Extreme title.

One of those new cars that will be featured in a coming update is the Super V8. This car is loosely based on the Australian V8 Supercar specifications. In the above video, Empty Box takes a look at the Beta version of the car and drives a few laps around the modern Montreal track that will also be coming to GSC Extreme. While driving, Empty Box shares his initial thoughts about the car and track.

The bottom video shows us a Talk & Drive session by Reiza’s physics guru Niels Heusinkveld. Niels drives the Super V8 around the famous Australian Bathurst circuit. This track is not an original Reiza Studios addon, but the quality Team ORSM mod released by Patrick Giranthon.


For those who do not yet own the brilliant Game Stock Car Extreme, there is still the opportunity to get involved and back the Reiza Studios IndieGoGo Funding campaign. A Level 3 pack will get you the full game, beta access and access to the development forums.

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