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The Feel VR Pedal Set Review By Laurence Dusoswa

The Feel VR Pedal Set Review By Laurence Dusoswa

Back in 2017, Ukrainian developers Feel VR announced an affordable Direct Drive Wheel and accompanying Load Cell  Pedal set. So far it all sounds pretty normal. However…

The Feel VR team stated that the Kickstart version of the Direct Drive Wheelbase, Load Cell equipped 3-Pedals set, Power supply, GT Steering Wheel, extra F1 Steering Wheel, and the USB connection cable would become available with an introductory price of US$ 388. The stand-alone DD wheel was advertised for very modest $399, while the stand-alone pedal set was listed for an insanely low $99. Needless to say, many community members were skeptic about the pricing and wondered if this product would ever see the light of day.

Now two years later, it is apparent that the products do exist, and made it through development. The Feel VR team has started shipping the wheel and pedals to the early bird customers.

Last week, YouTuber Laurence Dusoswa, was one of the first 100 Kickstart backers to receive his Feel VR Load Cell pedal set and shared his unboxing session with the community. Now Laurence is back with his full review of the Feel VR Load Cell pedal set.

The Feel VR Pedal set includes:

  • Clutch pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Throttle pedal
  • Baseplate
  • USB cable
  • Adjustment tool
  • Mounting screws

Currently, the Feel VR Pedals are available as pre-order for a modest $199.00USD ( €179.95) + Shipping. They come with a 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty.

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