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The R3E Audi Sport TT Cup Push-to-Pass function explained

RaceRoom Racing Experience Audi Sport TT Cup

R3E Audi Sport TT Cup Push-to-Pass

The R3E Audi Sport TT Cup Push-to-Pass function explained

Sector3 Studios is getting ready to release the Audi Sport TT Cup for RaceRoom Racing Experience. While Cup Racing Series in general, make for exciting races because of their standardised cars there are a few more features that help to generate closer and more competitive racing.

The real world Audi Sport TT Cup car is equipped with a so-called “push-to-pass” function. A push of the button on the steering wheel will grant the racing driver a 10-second engine boost delivering an extra 22 kW (30 hp). When deployed, the driver will have to wait for 20 seconds, before he can activate the boost once more.

Sector3 Studios decided that this interesting feature could not be left out of the virtual representation of the car. During an R3E Audi Sport TT Cup session, you will be able to utilise the Push-to-Pass function for a predefined number of times.

A visible blue LED in the front windscreen will signal when a driver has pressed his push-to-pass button. LEDs in the rear window show rivals and spectators how many times the driver can still use the additional power.

Armed with the knowledge that after the 10-second deployment your opponent can not use it again for the next 20 seconds will grant you a strategic opportunity to counter attack. This will surely generate some exciting moments spicing up the online races.


The number of allowed Push-to-Pass activations during the race will be determined by the starting position:

  • Grid rows 1-3: 15 activations
  • Grid rows 4-6: 15+1 activations
  • Grid rows 7-9: 15+2 activations
  • Grid rows 10-12: 15+3 activations


So we might just start from the back of the grid, and have some extra fun….