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The Simpit – TopSpeed Motion Simulator Review

The Simpit - TopSpeed Motion Simulator

The Simpit – TopSpeed Motion Simulator Review

Shaun Cole of “The Simpit” presents a¬†full review of the TopSpeed Motion Simulator. Shaun performed a lengthy test session using the rig and tries to find out the pro and cons of the unit.

As we mentioned in an earlier post today, it seems that with the sim racing popularity, also the high-end motion simulator market is growing. On of the new players on the market is the Canada-based Top Speed company. ( )

In comparison to most motion systems that move only the seat, this Topspeed motion simulator is moving the entire rig. To do so the rig is fitted with two 150mm actuators to create the front to back, and side to side movements. From the look of actuators, the motion components appear to be a Stage 1 SimXperience kit.

The base Topspeed model comes with two ultra-fast 150mm actuators and 20 motions profiles. The rig is available in custom colors and is supposed to be installed easily. When fitted, both the wheel and pedal unit are adjustable, in height and depth. ¬†The base model is on sale for 4900 US Dollars / ‚ā¨4450.

Also, a fully fitted version is available including a¬†powerful PC that is pre-configured. A force-feedback wheel, pedals,shifter, triple-screen raking for 40in , three 1080p 40in tv’s, custom color frame, choice of seat, all the wiring, connector and power supply hidden in a user-friendly ¬†box. The rig comes with¬†Lifetime support and online training.¬†Installation at home is available on request. This full featured version can be yours for 9900 US Dollars / ‚ā¨8975.

For more info we advise you to contact Topspeed directly since there seems to be only a very limited amount of info published on their website.

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