Thrustmaster Direct Drive Wheelbase Will Be Revealed On November 17

Thrustmaster Starts Direct Drive Wheel Teasing Campaign
Thrustmaster Direct Drive Wheelbase Reveal

Back in August of 2021, Thrustmaster published a 2021 product roadmap, listing a number of new products that were in the pipeline. Interestingly, the roadmap also listed a Direct Drive wheel for the PC, and therefore, officially confirming that Thrustmaster would make the jump to Direct Drive technology.

By December of the same year, Thrustmaster started promoting the coming of their first Direct Drive racing wheel via their official social media channels with somewhat long-stretched teaser campaigns. While not a lot of details were shared, Thrustmaster did state that the PC-only Direct Drive Wheelbase will be compatible with all the existing Thrustmaster wheel addons.

Today, Thrustmaster announced that the upcoming Direct Drive wheelbase will be revealed on November 17 at 4 pm CET via a special Twitch Livestream.

I am excited to see what Thrustmaster will be able to offer, as since the initial announcement the Direct Drive market has changed radically with the appearance of the popular Fanatec CSL DD, and competitive Chinese DD products by brands such as Simagic, Cammus, Immsource, and Moza.

I will keep you posted when more details emerge.

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