Thrustmaster – New Direct Drive Wheel Teaser

Thrustmaster Starts Direct Drive Wheel Teasing Campaign
Thrustmaster - New Direct Drive Wheel Teaser

In August of 2021, Thrustmaster published a 2021 product roadmap, listing a number of new products that were in the pipeline. Interestingly, the roadmap also listed a Direct Drive wheel for the PC, therefore, officially confirming that Thrustmaster would make the jump to Direct Drive technology.

By the end of December, Thrustmaster posted its first teaser message revealing that the Direct Drive Wheelbase will be compatible with all the existing Thrustmaster wheel addons.

This made many community members raise an eyebrow, considering that these existing addons are not exactly designed to withstand the force generated by an average Direct-Drive motor. Even more worrying was the fact that the plastic thread Quick Release used on the belt-driven Thrustmaster will most likely wear out rapidly when used with a higher torque wheel.

Now Thrustmaster posted a new teaser message confirming that their upcoming Direct Drive wheel will be featuring a new Quick Release system with a lock function. While no additional info is shared, it is safe to assume that this new design will be more suited to secure the current Thrustmaster wheels to the new wheelbase.

At the time of writing, no pre-order, or release date has been shared. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the product will become available somewhere in 2022.

For more details, we will have to wait until March 3, 2022. I will keep you posted when the next teaser is shared.

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