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Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Mod Addon Wheel Available

Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Mod Addon Wheel Available

Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Mod Addon Wheel Available For Pre-Order

Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Mod Addon Wheel Available For Pre-Order

Thrustmaster has officially introduced a new steering rim for their racing ecosystem. The Sparco® R383 Mod Add-On Wheel.

The new Wheel Add-On is available at the Thrustmaster website at the suggested retail price of  € 199,99 / £179.99 / $199.99. (taxes included).

This circular shaped rim produced under an official Sparco license is the first rally themed wheel to become available for the Thrustmaster wheelbase series. Theis wheel is a 1:1 replica of the original real-world Sparco Rally wheel. It measures 13″/33 cm in diameter. The full metal rim is lined with a black suede leather-clad and features a black brushed metal faceplate.

Two large adjustable metal paddle shifters, measuring 5″/13 cm in height are mounted directly on the wheel rim. The R383 Mod Add-On Wheel also featured carbon-styled button areas which house nine push buttons and a directional pad with push-button functionality.

The Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Mod is compatible with the Thrustmaster ecosystem: T300RS Servo Base, T500 RS, T300RS, T300 Ferrari GTE, T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition, T300 RS GT Edition, TX Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition, TS-PC RACER, TS-XW Racer Sparco  P310 Competition Mod and T-GT.

In order to make the supported wheelbases compatible with this new rim, Thrustmaster has released a new firmware. Make sure your existing wheelbase is updated with the latest software. You can download the new firmware (Package 2017_TTRS_6) at the Thrustmaster Support website.

Thrustmaster Sparco R383 Mod wheel Features:

  • 1:1 replica of the Sparco  R383 Wheel, officially licensed by Sparco
  • 13”/33 cm in diameter, covered with black suede.
  • Designed for rally games and for other racing genres (GT, NASCAR, road race etc.)
  • Sturdy black brushed aluminum faceplate and paddle shifters.
  • 2 large, adjustable wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters ( 5”/13 cm tall – 100% metal – tact switch with life cycle exceeding 500,000 activations).
  • Carbon-style rally buttons area, suitable for all platforms.
  • 9 action buttons + 1 directional pad with push-button.

Compatible Ecosystem

  • Compatible with: T500 RS, T300RS – T300 Ferrari GTE, T300 Ferrari Alcantara– TX, TX LEATHER, TS-XW RACER, TS-PC RACER, T-GT
    (sold separately)

Box contents

  • 1 detachable Wheel for the Thrustmaster T-series + user guide and  consumer warranty information
  Official Webpage –


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