Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase Unveiled

Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase Unveiled
Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase

After months of teasing, during a scheduled Twitch stream, Guillemot marketing manager Tim Gorham has revealed the first Thrustmaster Direct Drive sim racing wheel which will compete directly with the Fanatec DD Pro and the Logitech G Pro units.

The new Thrustmaster T818 is a hexagon shaped 10Nm Direct Drive wheel exclusively for use with a PC. The unit is fitted with a new quick-release which in comparison to the existing Thrustmaster wheelbases, can be used without the need for a tool. The new QR is compatible with all upcoming and existing rims via an adapter. Thrustmaster already hinted that they will release four new wheel rims during 2023.

The T818 features an RJ45 connecter that will be used to support future add-on peripherals.

Esthetically, the new wheelbase front plate features an RGB Led liner which can be used both as a visual aspect or to communicate in-game telemetry. Furthermore, the user can customize the look of the wheelbase via exchangeable metal covers. So far Thrustmaster revealed 5 colors that will be available at launch. (White – blue – black – gray – Orange)

Pricing / Availability:

The Thrustmaster T818 DD wheelbase is up for pre-order in Europe for €649.99 / $649.99. The US market should follow by March 2023.

Pre-orders of the T818 are limited to one unit per person per delivery address. If you purchase more than one unit, we may cancel your additional orders. The Thrustmaster T818 includes a pair of dark blue metal plates, with an optional pair of additional metal plates in grey, orange, white or black.


  • Desk Mounting Kit for T818. – €49.99.
  • Cockpit Mounting Kit for T818. – €39.99.
  • Quick Release Adapter T818. – €34.99.

Thrustmaster Quote:

Realistic, unfiltered piloting with the Thrustmaster T818 steering wheelbase

Experience the intensity of riding with the T818. Powered by Direct Drive technology, the T818 was designed for performance and fidelity. Its angular acceleration has been optimized for smooth, powerful, and ultra-responsive force feedback with a fast response time. No filter is applied to the effects sent by the game to remain faithful and transcribe all the information to the pilot. Every detail is felt but every mistake is paid for. The T818 will allow expert pilots to have full control over their vehicles, provided they know how to channel all its power.


The construction of the T818 has been optimized to take full advantage of Direct Drive force feedback technology. Taking into account the mass of the Thrustmaster steering wheels, the custom-designed motor delivers a torque of 10 Nm, without saturation, delivering optimal angular acceleration. The result: a fluid, powerful and ultra-responsive force feedback, to feel the sensations of real riding.


The effects sent by the game are transcribed by the T818 without any filter for a detailed feeling and are faithful to the will of the developer. The more information you have in your hands, the better you will be able to understand your vehicle and its limits. Attention, the error is also more punitive, but nobody said that it is easy to drive at 200 km/h.


The T818 introduces the new “Fast Release” steering wheel attachment system. Change steering wheels in 5 seconds and without tools, with all next-gen Thrustmaster steering wheels or wheels equipped with the Quick Release Adapter. In competition, every gram counts: the aluminum-plastic construction ensures the solidity of the attachment without adding unnecessary weight to preserve the mass of the axle of the T818.


The T818 base is compatible with all racing wheels in the Thrustmaster ecosystem thanks to the Quick Release Adapter. The Thrustmaster cranksets, gearbox*, and handbrakes* are also 100% compatible. The T818 has an RJ45 port to accommodate a new type of ecosystem in the future.

*Via USB on PC


The front of the T818 incorporates a hexagon of RGB LEDs. Define your lighting atmosphere by setting colors and intensity. The LEDs can also interact with telemetry data sent from the game, giving additional visual cues. The list of compatible games and functions is continuously updated on the Thrustmaster support site.


Personalize the skin of your T818 thanks to the interchangeable metal plates. 5 colors are available at launch to vary the styles. The 4 fixing points under the T818, the Cockpit Mounting Kit*, and the Desk Mounting Kit* will allow you to adapt the T818 to your setup.

*Sold separately

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