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To VR Or Not To VR

To VR Or Not To VR

It’s clear that Virtual Reality is an awesome technology, and it’s definitely here to stay. VR is obviously very suitable for  Cockpit-based games and simulations such as flight sims and racing games and will certainly enhance your gaming immersion. It is clear that VR is not the next gimmick to go the 3D television way, or many of the other failed consumer goods. In time VR might become the future of sim racing.

However, the question is if the current generation VR technology is worth the compromise you will have to make on certain quality aspects of a simulation experience. Using a VR headset currently forces you to make a tradeoff between graphical fidelity, surroundings awareness, the comfort of use, and for some battling motion sickness. VR or No VR is a fiercely debated topic and has divided the sim racing community into believers and non-believers as we have seen with the Motion vs no-Motion discussions.

Dan DiMaggio, an Avid Sim Racer, and regular YouTuber is one of the many sim racing community members who switched back to triple monitors after having raced with a VR headset for a while. In his latest video, Dan shares his honest opinion on the matter and explains why he went back to his trusted triple screen setup.

Because this is a very interesting sim racing related technology debate, we would love to read your views on the matter in the comment section.

  Video by Dan DiMaggio