Trak Racer – Getting Ready To Launch The Alpine Racing TRX

Trak Racer - Getting Ready To Launch The Alpine Racing TRX

About a year ago, Australian, Melbourne based simulator company Trak Racer partnered with the Alpine Formula 1 Team, in an effort to increase visibility in the competitive and increasingly popular world of Esports.  

This exciting partnership has led to the development of the upcoming Trak Racer Alpine Racing TRX Sim Racing Chassis.

The TRX F1/GT Hybrid Simulator is Trak Racer’s most ambitious product to date. The new chassis is being developed with the help of Renault F1 engineers and will be the weapon of choice for Renault’s Esport team, Renault Vitality.

The design of the rig allows the driver to change the seat, pedal, and wheel settings within minutes to a setting that mimics the actual seating positions from Formula to GT.

Trak Racer Alpine Racing TRX Pedal Plate Assembly

The Flex-Free Pedal Plate Assembly on the Alpine Racing TRX has been engineered for quick adjustment forwards and backward by use of a sliding mechanism and also has height and angle adjustment. The clever tool-free pedal system allows professional drivers and hobbyists quick adjustment between raised Formula pedals, low and angled for GT alongside inverted pedal mounting.

The Alpine Racing TRX will be available with 3 different wheel mounts to suit the majority of steering wheelbases on the market including Direct Drive Simucube 2, Fanatec, VRS, and more, as well as popular belt-driven wheelbases from Logitech and Thrustmaster.

The tool-free wheel deck on the Alpine Racing TRX has a slide, height, and angle adjustment and can move between Formula and GT Driving position faster and more sleek than any other cockpit on the market.

Trak Racer Alpine Racing TRX Wheel Deck Assembly

The intelligent Alpine Racing TRX seat assembly; designed in conjunction with Alpine F1 Team Engineers provides tool-free seat changes in under 10 seconds.

Trak Racer has also developed a seat assembly, that allows for tool-free seat changes in under 10 seconds. With the help of ergonomic specialists, the design places the driver into the best possible position, not only improving comfort, but also the long-term health of the driver. The hybrid seat will be available separately and can be retrofitted with additional brackets to fit most racing simulators on the market.

If all goes as planned, the Alpine Racing TRX, including the seat will be up for pre-order starting 1 February 2022, at an expected price of €1299.00 / US $1199.00. Keep in mind that dates, pricing, and config can be subject to change.

The official release date is set for 14 March 2022.

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