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Turn 10 / Forza Motorsport Studio Tour by Inside Sim Racing

Forza Motorsport Studio Tour

Forza Motorsport Studio Tour

Darin Gangi of Inside Sim Racing had the opportunity to visit the Turn 10 Studios facility’s as a VIP guest and receive a full guided tour behind the scenes of the Forza Motorsport studio. You will probably know the studio as the developers of the famous Forza Motorsport Series on Xbox.

Turn 10 invited Darin for a full tour and show him the in and outs that come in to play while developing content for Forza 5. Darin was shown the work needed to build the Long Beach track that was just released as a free add-on for the game. From collecting reference data to modeling out the Laser scanned source material.Darin also got a sneak peek at the work done on the 1977 Coyote Gilmore as driven to victory at the Indy 500 by AJ Foyt. At the end of the tour Darin got to drive the Indycar and the 1977 Coyote on Long Beach , and got to give his opinion and feedback as a sim racer.

In the second part Darin gets to sit down with Creative Director Dan Greenawalt and Studio Lead Alan Hartman. He had the opportunity to ask them some questions about the development and how it all started. Darin also pops the question of questions. Is Forza created for sim racers or gamers? For Forza fans this is an interview not to be missed. 

Turn 10 Studios is a video game developer located in Redmond, Washington USA. The company was registered in 2001 by Microsoft Studios with the aim of developing the  Forza Motorsport Series for the Xbox,and later on for Xbox 360 and now Xbox One. 

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