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rFactor – VHR Stock Car Racing V1.4 Update Released.


CorvetteDave released the VHR 2013 Edition 1.4 Update for rFactor.

• May 19, 2013 – The VHR 1.4 Update has been released.

A number of updates are done to better your racing experience, a new super speedway drafting package will introduced along with some suspension updates.

Super speedways drafting package is the best that has been released in years for VHR, digging into the old achieves from previous years the package makes for some awesome racing.

Other updates are a few engine sounds and some track updates such as textures and adding of some track side objects. Working on some cockpit updates as well to give the cockpit view an even more realistic look.

Some tracks will have the tire physic’s updated such as tire heat and wear. On a side note, VHR will be moving over to rFactor 2 at some point this year, more info will be released and a beta later this year.

  • Updated Speedway and Super speedway drafting, adjusted the base drag a bit to keep in line with the Q times.
  • Updated pit and pace speeds on tracks that needed adjusting.
  • Updated Camping World Truck’s cockpit by installing the updated ecu unit like the Cup and the Nationwide series have in 1.3.
  • Updated damage file in regards to tire cutting down when hitting objects.
  • Updated brake wear and failure rates to more realistic levels. brake wear and taking care of your brakes will play a bigger factor now.
  • Adjusted the DX cubes on the models and updated the shadowing effect on them.



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