VNM Simulation Pedals Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage presents his review of the VNM Simulation Pedals. As usual, Barry puts the product through the famous SRG review process.


  • CNC machined aluminum components finished with high-quality black anodization
  • All moving parts utilize ball bearings for smooth pedal actuation.
  • Adjustable pedal angle and height for dialing in position.
  • Throttle and Clutch pedals use contactless angle sensors for precision and longevity.
  • 200kg load cell brake pedal.
  • High-quality and high-precision (external ADC 24bit) controller box using the smart control software for calibration, setting up deadzones, and travel curves.

!Keep in mind that the pictured heel plate is optional, and not included.

Time Stamps:

  • Intro: 0:00
  • Closer Look Pedals: 0:40
  • Pedal Dimensions: 12:29
  • Brake Upgrade Kit: 14:35
  • Damper Kit: 17:27
  • Throttle Adjustments: 23:22
  • Brake Adjustments: 37:43
  • Clutch Adjustments: 45:14
  • Damper Kit Installation Throttle: 48:36
  • Damper Kit Installation: Brake and Clutch: 55:55
  • Look Inside Controller Box: 1:07:53
  • Look Inside Contactless Position Sensor: 1:11:27
  • Optional Baseplate: 1:14:12
  • Pedals Mounted: 1:17:04
  • VNM Configuration App: 1:18:54
  • Driving: 1:25:15
  • Final Thoughts: 1:35:05

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