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VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base Review By The SRG

VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base Review By The SRG

VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base.

Ed: Usually, I go into some details, post some media, and check out the pricing of the reviewed product. However, in this case it was slightly frustrating, as I struggled to find any accurate and recent data regarding the details, pricing, and availability of the product. The info on the official VRS website is very minimal, or should I say non-existent.

The VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base is stated to retail in the US for $799 and in the EU for €899 (VAT incl.). However, there is no easy way for me to find out if this is correct, or what the extra shipping cost might be. Your guess is as good as mine. Checking Barry’s review and writeup did not reveal any useful links eighter. Barry links to the VRS Facebook page, which leads me to believe that also he could not send his viewers to an informative product page.

After some manual googling, it is revealed that the VRS website has a dedicated (DFP) Direct Drive product page but that it is not linked in any way. It is clear to me that VRS is either very bad at marketing, or does not really want you to purchase the wheelbase yet. Very weird, since the product itself seems more than fine and would certainly generate some interest.

The VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base consists of:

  • VRS DirectForce Pro controller
  • The popular 20Nm MiGE motor customized for the VRS DirectForce Pro controller
  • 3-meter motor power and encoder cables with double shielding and quality metal connectors
  • 2 meter long double-shielded USB cable
  • AC power cord

Optional accessories:

  • Motor shaft hub adapter for a steering wheel with standard 70mm PCD bolt pattern. The hub adapter has 6x M5 threaded holes that allow you to directly screw a steering wheel onto a hub adapter. Not needed if your steering wheel comes with its own quick-release hub, or if your steering wheel is screwed in from the back and requires through-hole mounting holes on the hub adapter.
  • Motor mounting bracket for mounting on desks or rigs that only support bottom mounting. Not needed if your rig comes with a front motor mounting bracket with mount holes for the MiGE motor.
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