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Wave Italy Impetus Imola Pedal Set

Wave Italy Impetus Imola Pedal Set


Wave Italy Impetus Imola Pedal Set

Back in 2018, Wave Italy introduced their Wave Impetus Pedals which were designed with the latest generation 3D CAD software and were precision-machined entirely out of anodized aluminum to ensure maximum strength and reliability and low weight. In order to simulate real-world racing conditions, the brake pedal withstands an operating pressure up to 200 Kg.

Recently Wave Italy introduced the Wave Italy Impetus Imola pedals which are a reversed version of the original Impetus set. The pedals are plug&Play connecting to a PC via a standard USB port.

The Wave Impetus Imola 3-pedal set including the Baseplate and Reversed IMOLA frame is on sale for €€ 1.630,00 incl. VAT  + shipping. People who already own the original Impetus pedals and want to invert their set can purchase the stand-alone Reversed IMOLA Layout frame for € 330,00 incl. VAT  + shipping.

A 2-pedal version of the Wave Impetus Imola including a Throttle and Brake pedal is available for € 1.490,00 incl. VAT  + shipping.

Wave Italy Impetus Imola Frame  WAVE IMPETUS IMOLA 2_pedal

Impetus Imola Pedal Set Features

Total customization freedom

  • Fully customizable for perfect Ergonomics, position, and angle.
  • Adjustable Pedals inclination and position.
  • Adjustable distance between each pedal.
  • 100% customizable curve Force / Brake Shift
  • Adjustable base plate and heel rest.
  • The pedal support base (included) allows you to install the pedals on the floor, simulation platforms, or hang them from a frame.
  • Scuff plates, supplied, to guide the heel position and the ergonomic adjustment of the leg/ankle angle.

Pedals Performance – Adjustments

Throttle Pedal:

  • Pedal force adjustable using 10 different values, from soft to very hard.
  • Two preloaded starting positions to choose from.
  • Rotary position sensors for Professional use, 5 million cycles guaranteed and a 0.1 degrees sensibility.
  • Pedal angle with 2 positions:
    • Super-fine adjustments can be applied to the pedal position, via a threaded aluminum strut.
  • The total travel range can be adjusted by up to 25 degrees.
  • Wave custom controller, based on Leo Bodnar electronics.

Brake Pedal:

  • Based on real race car telemetry data analysis, the brake pedal can replicate the force and travel distance of a real-world racing pedal set. Thanks to the patented system it is possible to change the internal module with custom versions supplied by Wave Italy to mimic the feedback of road, GT or Formula cars,
  • The standard included professionally calibrated load cell can handle an operating pressure of 200Kg (441lbs), with a maximum foot pressure up to 100Kg (220lbs)

Clutch Pedal:

  • The Clutch pedal force can be adjusted via 14 different values. Furthermore, the cam mechanism and springs can be adjusted to further increase or decrease the stiffness of the clutch pedal.
  • Preload pedal force is also adjustable (2 positions)
  • Professional rotating sensor, 5 million cycles and a resolution of 0.1°
  • Pedal angle adjustable (2 positions)
  • Super-fine adjustments can be applied to the pedal position, thanks to a threaded aluminum strut.
  • Pedal stroke adjustable up to 25° with a mechanical stop.

Reversed IMOLA Layout

  • Customizable reversed support, included
  • The pedals must be installed on a solid and sturdy base to enhance the ergonomics of the product.
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