Why do racing simulators suck so much? (MockRacer)


Why do racing simulators suck so much? (MockRacer)

MockRacer published a rather interesting and controversial article regarding consumer grade simulators. MR analyzes the facts of modern day pick-up-and-play simulators and shares his personal opinions regarding the so-called ” out of the loop” factor of the human controlling the simulation.

When browsing the Sim Racing community websites and forums we have witnessed hundreds of discussions about the realism of a modern Racing Simulator. It’s not uncommon that these discussions evolve in a full-blown flaming war. So when interested in some good reading regarding this topic, make sure you check out the MockRacer article.

MockRacer Article Quote:

While many games are geared toward pick-up-and-play, make-you-feel-good, casual gamers, there are some that are geared to people who actually want to use them as tools to practice for track days.
Yet, those ultra-realistic sims still appear to most people as too difficult to just pick up and play.  This is a bit odd, because it’s not un-common for someone who knows how to drive a real car, or even a real race car to jump into a simulator and say “well, this isn’t realistic at all!” In fact, I see this all the time when people jump into my own simulator at home.  Believe it or not they actually ask what each pedal does!!  Then they proceed to drive, floor it, and in the first corner crash spectacularly.  Surely that doesn’t happen that often in real life!
How can this be? If the software has been designed with the correct math and data, and a physical setup that mimics the controls of a typical car, why is it that people who can drive real cars have such a seemingly hard time adapting to a simulator?



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