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World of Speed – Official Announcement Trailer.


Slightly Mad Studios & announced World of Speed. This new title is a free to compete massively online multiplayer action-racing game. 

Of course we all know the British developer as the creators of the Need for Speed Shift title and more recently the Project CARS WIP. For World of Speed the developer is backed by mobile communications giant Unlike Project CARS, World of Speed will be an arcade-based massively multiplayer racing sim for the PC with FPS team based alike gameplay.

Two teams of four players will be competing for the position and driving style. The players will also have to co-operate to achieve mini-goals in each event. Players and teams will be able to form clubs, create custom logo´s and access a social hub.

Cars will be customisable and you will be able to fit extra features, that can be tweaked toward specific roles. At this time it appears that two tracks are already ingame.  Next to the famous Brands Hatch racing track the game also features “St James  Loop” . This is a street track based around Buckingham Palace in London.   It is reported that the initial release will feature at least three city tracks – Moscow, Monaco and London.

Next to the Pagini Huayra we can see in the preview screenshots, the McLaren 12C, Mercedes SLS, RUF Coupe and Camaro SS are confirmed to be featured in the game.  SMS stated a vast amount of cars, ranging from street cars to super cars are planned. More details will be revealed later on.

At the moment you can sign for the beta of World of Speed. The title is supposed to be a long term project, that will be regularly updated with new cars, tracks and game modes. The full release of World of Speed will appear somewhere in 2014.


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