WSGT2 Megane Trophy V6 mod V1.2 Update for rFactor 2.


Hi everyone,

A few days ago we updated the WSGT2 Megane Trophy Mod to V1.1 to adjust it to the new ISI rFactor 2 build.  While doing this we overlooked some parameters resulting in a bug.
Some users reported that when in cockpit view, the glass windows on the external models where not showing up. We did not notice this on our test machines, but it soon became clear that this was an existing bug. Further more we updated a few textures.

Version 1.2 fixes the issue with the car windows!

Racers Modding Team will update the package when required. Users are encouraged to delete any old version of the WSGT2 Megane mod and re-install using V1.2.

V1.2 Update:

  • Fixed – External Window view bug
  • Fixed – Small texture error

V1.1 Update:

  • Fixed Alpha Channel bleeding on the front windows
  • Fixed compatibility issues with the rFactor Build 494
  • Updated the shading settings
  • Updated the lighting settings
  • Updated small texture errors
  • Updated Material Settings
  • Different file naming




Mirror download on NoGripracing – Download the WSGT2 Megane Trophy V1.2 


The Renault EurocupMegane Trophy is a one-make racing series created and managed by Renault Sport. The series has raced with the Renault Megane Renault Sport since 2005 as part of the World Series by Renault. The Renault Eurocup has run with various models under differing names since 1976.


  • 3D-Modeling  – Arnold Carter Wong
  • 3D-Modeling / in-game work  – Klaas van Houten
  • 2D graphics / Textures / Templates – Wim Bries
  • Sound  – Rick Schoenmaker

Component contents:

The Component package features a full car set for the 2009 Eurocup Megane Trophy season and a selection of Endurance-spec Megane Trophy cars as they are raced around the globe. The endurance spec Megane is lighter and more powerful than the Eurocup version of the car and also features a bigger 100 ltr. fuel tank.


WSGT2 Megane Trophy V6
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