Xtreme Scoring League Software

Xtreme Scoring League Software

Not that long ago, Kevin Ford partnered up with Frank at Ricmotech forming Ricmotech eRacing Management in an effort to improve the covering and managing of professional sim racing events with iRacing. In the process of all of the adventures, it became more and more clear that with all the advancements in sim racing, not much had been done in the way of league scoring.

Kevin decided to resolve this once and for all. I phoned up a close friend and the duo started the task of developing a program to help league admins with the laborious post-race tasks of league scoring. So after 2 and a half years, of development and testing, the Xtreme scoring software is up and running and slowly acquiring a client base.

League admins spend upwards of an hour, if not more, after every race updating points, adjusting points for penalties and bonuses, creating a presentation quality graphic to add to the league website, updating the league website with the league points, standings, schedule, information about the next event, and weather conditions for the event. The powerful Xtreme Scoring platform reduces this down to mere seconds.

The software, which runs on enterprise-grade Microsoft cloud servers, calculates points, automatically awards and deducts points based on configurable settings, and then updates this information on the league website at the click of a button. 

This program was custom designed from the ground up with one purpose in mind. To provide league owners, organizations, and professional sanctions the opportunity to not only manage their series but to customize the scoring and management to maximize a streamlined delivery of driver data to their members and fans.

The Xtreme Scoring software is available via www.ricmotech.com/xtreme-scoring.


  • The software automates systems that league managers currently do with manual spreadsheets
  • Extensive customization of multi-level scoring combinations
  • Import past season results from other scoring platforms and choose to display those seasons
  • Within a couple of minutes all the below data and features can be accurately presented to your drivers. Admins can spend as much as 30-60 minutes post-race calculating results, entering
  • bonuses, penalties, and preparing information for the next event. How much is your time worth?
  • Drivers within an organization can easily participate in multiple series and seasons without the need to duplicate driver information in multiple locations
  • Includes a Driver Rating system to rate the drivers within your organization
  • Xtreme Paints is now integrated into the scoring allowing for series sponsor contingency decals
  • Customer support to ensure your Administrators are comfortable with the program


  • The software automates everything league managers currently do with manual spreadsheets or Danlisa with updated integration with iRacing and league websites. 
  • Xtreme Scoring will manage the driver roster and season schedule for an organization. 
  • Drivers within an organization can easily participate in multiple series and seasons without the need to duplicate driver information in multiple locations. 
  • Multi-class series are scored correctly, including penalties and bonuses.
  • Multi-class races can run in the same or separate sessions mixed in the same season. Ideal for when a track is too short for too many fast cars.
  • Points are updated automatically by simply importing the iRacing JSON file.
  • Widgets can be added to your league website to automatically display:
    • Driver roster
    • Season schedule
    • Race countdown timer
    • Race weather conditions
    • Race results
    • Season point standings
  • Automatically calculate standings with or without drop weeks factored in.
  • Tracks points for individual drivers and teams.
  • Tracks points for manufacturer championship
  • Automatically apply bonus points for:
    • Starting on class pole
    • Top qualifiers
    • Leading laps per class
    • Low incident count (admin sets threshold per race)
    • Participating in official practice sessions
    • More to come
  • Automatically apply penalty points for:
    • excessive incidents (i.e. 3 points for every 10 incidents)
    • excessive laps down 
  • Scores heat races
  • Scores playoff races
  • Allow negative race points
  • Allow negative season points

This program will be an evolving software with periodic updates in continuing to serve this expanding world of sim racing. We encourage our customers to provide input on the program as we continue to improve the service.
This program is exclusive only to the iRacing service. The program is easy to use. Simply purchase the number of events you will need for your season and begin building out your teams, rosters, and points parameters.

Xtreme im Scoring

How to begin using the software:

  • The service is designed exclusively to encompass all series across the iRacing platform. As organizations utilize the service in different capacities you are only charged for the events you hold and resource for your organization. The cost of the software can be absorbed by your drivers at an extra $1.70 per driver, per a 10-round season, that is .17 cents per race, per driver, to enjoy the benefits and flexibility the program offers.
  • Discounts are also offered for organizations running multiple series.
  • The “Help” button provides you with short Video Tutorials on each step for configuring the software for your organization.
  • We also provide on boarding support to help your administrators get underway with the features that pertain to your specific series. Importing of driver data, team data, historical data, and the setting up of the series for future events.

Items currently in development:

  • Aggregate Data
  • Social Login
  • Registration System

Official Webpages – www.xtremescoring.net