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Yorkie065 checks out the Formula RaceRoom 2

RaceRoom Formula RaceRoom 2

Yorkie065 checks out the Formula RaceRoom 2

Recently, Sector3 Studios released the Formula RaceRoom 2 Openwheeler car for their RaceRoom PC racer. This first ever released open wheeler for the RaceRoom platform is loosely based on the real world GP2 car and features a new driver model, animated suspension, and new physics.

Yorkie065 takes us for a Talk & Drive practise session and shares his first impressions of the Formula RaceRoom 2.  In this video, he is running a default setup in Get-Real mode. In the second part of the video, Yorkie065 jumps into a 15mins offline race around the Spa-Francorchamps circuit with the AI set to 107%.

The Formula RaceRoom 2 car is available at the RaceRoom store. By purchasing the Formula RaceRoom 2 pack, you also get a full choice of 22 unique liveries. As with all cars in RaceRoom, those in doubt can test the car before purchase. After installing the core game and content free of charge, you can head over to the FR2 Cup page and hit that the TEST button.


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