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You Don’t like Project cars ? (Gamer Muscle Video)

Project CARS Ariel Atom

Gamer Muscle – So you Don’t like Project cars?

It was a while since Gamer Muscle had a look at some of the vehicles in Slightly Mad Studios “Project CARS”. In his own recognizable and creative way, he reviews the latest build of the Ariel Atom. Gamer Muscle was impressed by the handling of the car. He states that in his opinion, the physics of the car might not resemble its real-world counterpart on a one on one basis, but the word ” Enjoyable” now defines the overall feel of the car.

With Early Acces, Alpha and Beta version of many Simulators available, we have the tendency to forget that these titles are in fact products in the midst of development. When first tested, we might become pro or contra, and apply our own set of rules, to determine to outcome of our prognosis. While some of us might prefer the physics, other out there could just as well think that graphics are most important. In the end of the day, it will be the quality of the whole package that will make or brake a product. There is little fun in a graphical extravaganza when the physics, or fun factor is zero. On the other hand, when a title performs well in the physics department, but looks bad or dated, it will end up with the same score. So a perfect blend between all of these aspects is the ultimate goal.

While nobody out there doubted the graphical supremacy of Project CARS, Many out there criticised the physics of the title. In this video Gamer Muscle emphases on the fact that titles in development doe change dynamically, and might even surprise you when not testing them on a daily basis. It becomes clear that as we go, Slightly Mad Studios is working on the physics aspect of Project CARS, and therefore might become the first real simulator style game on the consoles, while competing with existing simulators on the PC and future Linux based platforms.

Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios is targeted to be released starting November 2014 for the PC, XBONE, PlayStation 4, Steam OS and WiiU systems.

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