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Reiza Studios posted new preview screenshots of the 2013 graphical updates they are performing on tracks and vehicles. Read More

Reiza Studios have posted two articles to give the fans some insight in what the team has in store for us next. For fans of the Ayrton Senna project, and the ad don tracks for the Rieza based titles this is a must read. Read More

Bsim friend and iRacing Pro Driver Pablo Lopez recorded footage of his lap of the Nordschleife in the latest released track ad-don for Formula Truck by Reiza. Read More
Formula Truck by Reiza Studios has been released for all. The sim can be yours for only US$ 24.90, Definatly great value for money. FORMULA TRUCK combines the best graphical and audio features with an advanced driving model, providing an unique and immersive driving experience. Read More
Mario73833 has converted the F1 1982 mod to Game Stock Car 2012. From what we could find out, the conversion is done for private use only, but still, its nice to have a glimpse of the car on track. Read More
Alex Sawczuk released the Autodromo Floripa track for Formula Truck by Reiza Studios. It is a fictional track, but never the less it has been proven a worthy asset in Game Stock Car 2012, so now its time to warm up the truck tires and go for a spin. Read More
Markus Matthias created a video showing of the Reiza Studios Formula Truck sim. Reiza created a stunning sim of the the Brazillian truck Racing series. Read More
Wojciech Swirydowicz created a video showing all 25 cockpits of the Reiza Studios Formula Trucks sim. Reiza created a unique cockpit recreation for every single Truck that runs in the Brazillian series. Read More
Formula Truck 2013
Formula Truck by Reiza Studios has been updated to V1.01 Read More
BSNismo proves to be a big Reiza Formula truck fan. As usual, he could not resist doing a little video for us all to enjoy. Read More