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Automobilista v1.5.1 is coming

Automobilista v1.5.1 Drift

Automobilista v1.5.1 is coming

Reiza Studios is preparing to release Update v1.5.1 for their Automobilista racing title and shared some impressive in-game screenshots showcasing the included new content.

What Reiza says, Reiza does. Besides a list of updates and fixes, this new patch will be adding a few remaining features to AMS, sus as a brand new Drift mode, the Super F-Dirt cars, a new wintertime Buskerud track, and a comprehensive revision of the Automobilista AI code.

At the time of writing, no exact release date is given. So, for now, we will call it #Soon.

Keep in mind that both the Automobilista racing simulator and Season Pass for All DLC’s are currently on sale on Steam with 50% off – make sure to check it out.

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