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Codemasters uploaded a new F1 2013 hot-lap video of their imminent Official Formula one title. Enjoy a classic lap at the Korea International Circuit.Read More

ISR_September_2013 presents This Month Inside Sim Racing. The ISR main show has gone monthly with many different topics from the sim racing world.Read More

Polyphony Digital released a new concept movie for "Gran Turismo 6", called Bathurst shown just ahead of Australia's popular "Bathurst 1000" race event being held on October 10 at Mount Panorama.Read More
Mak Corp has released International Formula Series 3 v0.6.The International Formula Series 3 is a spec series featuring the FS3-08 vehicle model boasting three engine types with just over 200hp each and two tire suppliers. This spec series is an official series of the World Racing Simulation title and is being released on rF2 as an introduction to the series.Read More
We are making progress on the WSGT2 RMT Megane Trophy V6 mod for rFactor 2. Time for a Video.Read More
The final round of the Forza Motorsport 4 ALMS Challenge is ready for you.Read More
Now that Reiza Studios have provided the Release candidate files of Game Stock Car 2013 to al its pre-order customers, AdrianF1esp got buzy and created some videos to show the public how GSC 2013 will look. He has uploaded videos showing the Opala Stock Car Classic at Interlagos Historic, a two lap race with the125cc Kart at Granja Viana. and the the Formula Retro at Londrina,Read More

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iRacing – New Bathurst WIP screen.

iRacing is working on their version of the Australian Bathust track, also known as Mount Panorama.A few days ago, they released a first preview shot of the project, and today added a new screen showing the sky and guardrails.Read More
Reiza Studios have provided the Release candidate files of Game Stock Car 2013 to al its pre-order customers.RacinGameShow has uploaded a set of videos showing us some on track action of the newest release by the Brazillian software house.Read More

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iRacing – Dover International Speedway.

The officially sanctioned 2013 NASCAR Series World Championship travels to Dover International Speedway for round 17.Read More
The Virtua_LM Junior Team posted a video on their facebook page, showing a BMW M1 sound test for their upcoming GTPC mod for rFactor.Read More