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Codemasters has deployed Update Version 1.8 of DiRT Rally 2.0 which includes VR support improvements and fixes for issues relating to Clubs.Read More

Codemasters has released the Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 & Subaru Impreza 2001 for DiRT Rally 2.0.Read More

Codemasters are getting ready to deploy the first updates for the DiRT Rally 2.0 VR implementation.Read More
Kylotonn Physics Designer Jérémie Lolieux tells us how the WRC 8 dev team has re-written the physics in order to create the most complete and authentic official WRC simulation possible.Read More
Codemasters released the final location of the DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 2, in the form of the German Estering rallycross track. Read More
Codemasters confirmed that DiRT Rally 2.0 Seasons Three and Four will launch respectively on the 27th August, and November 19.Read More
Codemasters released a new update for their DiRT Rally 2.0 title which adds the long-awaited VR support via the Oculus Store and SteamRead More
Today, the French video game company published a press release in which they reveal the WRC8 Pre-order Bonus content.Read More
Codemasters released a new Season 2 DLC for their DiRT Rally 2.0 title including the Lancia Delta S4 and MG Metro 6R4 both in 450hp rallycross trim.Read More
Codemasters deployed update V1.6 for their DiRT Rally 2.0 title containing a number of improvements and a list of bug fixes based on community feedback.Read More
Codemasters have released the historic Porsche 911 SC RS, and the Lancia 037 Evo 2 for DiRT Rally 2.0.Read More
In a two-part video, Alan Boiston of Team VVV takes a look at the recent E3 build of the upcoming WRC 8 title and shares his personal thoughts on the game.Read More