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Dirt 4 Q&A
In their most recent Dirt 4 Roadbook blog, Codemasters have published a Q&A with Jason Evans, who is the Lead Technical Designer of the upcoming DiRT 4 title.Read More

PlayStation Access has posted a new video showing us some more in-game action of the upcoming DIRT 4 title by Codemasters.Read More

Beyond the Gloves - DIRT 4
Billy Strange and John Sabol of Inside Sim Racing present episode 8 of the weekly Beyond the Gloves Talk show.Read More
Codemasters published the first Dev Diary for their upcoming DiRT 4 title.Read More
DiRT 4 Olly Johnson Interview
Interview with Codemasters DIRT 4 Dialogue Producer Olly Johnson.Read More
Beyond the gloves EP3
In this new episode of " Beyond the Gloves", Billy and John welcome Chief Game Designer for DiRT 4, Paul Coleman.Read More
gRally on Steal Greenlight
The gRally team is taking their rally sim project to the next level, by listing themselves on the Steam Greenlight platform. Read More
Codemasters have released the Dirt Rally PSVR upgrade DLC that brings full VR support to the DIRT Rally PlayStation 4 console version. Read More
The DIRT show
Andrew Coley presents a new episode of the Dirt show in which he interviews guests about the upcoming Codemasters DIRT 4 title.Read More
Erased Citizens were invited to the DIRT 4 preview event in London and shared their first impressions of the single player PlayStation 4 demo of the upcoming DIRT 4 title.Read More
Codemasters officially announced the upcoming release of DIRT 4 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.Read More
Dirt 3 for Free
Digital storefront Humble Bundle is celebrating its 3rd birthday and decided to make this a memorable day by giving out a free copy of the Dirt 3 Complete Edition.Read More