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Virtua_LM GTPC
It has been a while since we posted some updated presentation graphics that will accompany the Virtua_LM Junior Team GTPC mod for rFactor. Lets have a look at the Porsche 956.Read More

GT6 Ascare Race Resort
GTPlanet, the biggest Gran Turismo community site on the planet, posted two very interesting videos today, showing ingame footage of the recently announced Ascari Race Resort track in Gran Turismo 6.. Read More

Rubens Barrichello - Sim Racer
Renato Simioni, who you might know as the head of Reiza Studios has posted a video on Facebook that shows us former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello talking about his involvement with sim racing. Read More
iRacing Promo 2013
Ever so often puts out a promotion video, to give people a glimpse of what to expect should they become an iRacing member. So here is the latest one. In this video you will also see a glimpse of the upcoming RUF. Read More
SimXperience Accuforce wheel
Inside Sim Racing had a busy week it seems. having received the new Thrustmaster TX wheel, they also had a look at the high end wheel that is being developed by Motion rig developer SimXperience.Read More
Assetto Corsa
Tomorrow Kunos Simulazioni will release the first of a two weakly content update for the Assetto Corsa Early Access title on the Steam platform.Read More
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel
Inside Sim Racing received their new Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Edition, and recorded the unboxing of the product.Read More
Oculus Rift rFactor 2
Bsim regular GamerMuscle posted a quick preview video using Rfactor 2 with the Oculus Rift. This time we can have a look at the formula and Historics cars in the Image Space Incorporated title. Read More
Boreks Ferrari 312B

Posted On November 20, 2013By WixIn GTL, GTR2

GTL / GTR2 – Ferrari 312B progress by BorekS

Boreks posted a new video showing the progress on their Ferrari 312B mod for SimBin´s GT Legends and GTR 2. The model now has a newly created wheel set, completely new interior. A new material mask and reworked textures. Read More

Posted On November 20, 2013By WixIn SimBin

SimBin – RACE Injection bargain time.

Bundle Stars is back with an offer that might be interesting for Race Gamers and Sim Racers alike. The Outer limits bundle contains ten games for only 3.54 Euros (2.98 GBP or 4.80 US Dollars ) The pack contains games from various categories, but in particular two of them might be suited to the steering wheel fanatics out there. Read More