Monthly Archives: "December 2012" writer Jon Denton aka shrapnel1977 had a interview with iRacing´s Tomy Gardner. Read More

GETERTET calls this video trailer his tribute to this awesome simulator. One of the best sims in the market. Enjoy Reiza Studios "Game Stock Car" in action. Read More

Scenes from the first ever official race with this fantastic car. Stabiz started 20th in the GT3 class in the top split (no qualy time) in the Hankook McLaren, and finished 8th after a lot of door banging and awesome fun. (StabiZ) Read More
AdrianF1esp is testing the newly released 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV added to Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars. The track is Heusden (Circuit Zolder) preAlpha / Build 374 running Ultra Graphics Settings (DX11) Music by MachinimaSound - Summer Rain. Read More
This will be the last video for this year by BSNismo. Lets hope he will bring us more video edit in 2013. In this video we can preview the ISI Chevrolet Corvette C6R in action. Read More
Kunos Simulazioni revealed the big secret they teased us with yesterday. A spankin new Video Teaser and 18 screenshots acompanied the big reveal showing the Ferrari 458 Italia on the track. Read More
After rumours that appeared a few months ago, today a message appeared on Steve Myers twitter account announcing to his followers that iRacing has signed a BMW licence. Further more a laserscan screenshot was posted of the previous licenced Aussy Bathurst ( Mount Panorama) Read More
iHUD for rFactor and iRacing. for Android are an interactive HUD that simulates a real dashboard geared for players of rFactor. Includes reproductions of real cockpits: three sport cars, one Open Wheel car (F1, Indy... etc.). Read More
ARC Team revealed the first pictures of the new Carbon Pedal set. They will be officialy be presented at the Birmingham Autosport Show that will be open from 10 al 13 January 2013. Read More
A new update preview in the " the making of the Van Herck Mazda-3 20B " for WSGT2. Arnold hard at work, to make this beauty shine. The project will contain two models. One game model, and a render model for marketing and promotion purposes. Read More
I.P.M released a set of renders of the upcoming GP3 Series mod for rFactor. As far as known, the team is planning to release a rFactor 2 version at a later stage. The GP3 Series, or GP3 for short, is a single seater motor racing series launched in 2010 as a feeder series for the GP2 Series, introduced by GP2 organiser Bruno Michel. Read More
Kunos Simulazioni posted some details regarding the much awaited release of the Assetto Corsa Simulator. In this rather interesting press release, they shed some light on the slight delay of the expected release date. I am sure, most fans will understand that a project of this size and quality, does not comply to deathlines. There is also a positively intriguing side to the post they made, hinting at, an as yet undisclosed new feature that looks to be the main reason for the delay. Read More