Monthly Archives: "December 2012"

The Fanatec CSL Seat delivers full adjustabity, maximum cofort and a genious compact and lightweight hence super rigid design. Only available at Read More

A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out. Build 365 for all members to enjoy. Read More

Driving Italia visited ARC_Team and created a small video of the all new ARC_Team Carbon Sequential Gear shifter. Read More
Next up the ingame video of the Assetto Corsa sim featured in the Abarth booth at Bologna Motorshow 2012. Read More
The DEM DRS-12 Motion Racing Simulator in action. Not much else is known about this video at this time. Read More
Assetto Corsa was featured in the Abarth booth at Bologna Motorshow 2012. In their December Development gallery the following ingame screenshots where posted. Most people on Bsim seem to agree that Assetto Corsa is the most anticipated sim project of 2012/2013. Read More
This second part of the Bettenhausen input lag test of a commonly available, relatively low cost, DLP 1024 x 768 projector using iRacing as a test platform. Test and video by Tod Bettenhausen.Read More
Team VVV posted Part 3 of the interview series with Milestone regarding their WRC3 release. Read More
Tim Wheatley did a lap on Lime Rock in real life, and then created a comparison video against the AI doing the same lap in rFactor 2. Read More
Team 21 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am project for GTL. Lots of fans will be delighted that Team 21 decided to create some competition for the Boss Mustang and Mercury Cougar. As seen in the video the team is allready testing physics. Read More
Check out the various features on offer in Auto Club Revolution.Read More
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] revealed some preview pictures of a soon to be released Dashboard Addon for the Fanatec Club Sport Wheel. Read More