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Knoppers942 had his first few laps with the rFactor 2 Skip Barber car on the Sebring track .  
The car has been known to be nimble but fast, and from the looks of the video Knoppers had his share of fun.


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Ronny302 created a little compilation of some nice cornering actions using the Project CARS Gumpert Apollo.

The content is pre-alpha build 365 with the Gumpert Apollo on seta tire model- street tires. 

Music: The Piano Guys - Carol of the Bells


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Andre F1 Edition & Team are working on a new track for GTL - AVUS / Berlin

The Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstraße ('Automobile traffic and training road'), better known as AVUS, is a public road in Berlin, Germany.

Opened in 1921, it is the oldest controlled-access highway in Europe, which until 1998 was also used as a motor racing circuit. Today the AVUS forms the northern part of the Bundesautobahn 115.


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Big flips and major wrecks from all forms of motorsports. Episode 72.
No fatal crashes are included in this compilation.

Music: "Suffocate" by Daybreak Embrace. Thanks to Isbel for the clips in this compilation.


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Following some suggestions on the forums, Kunos Simulazioni have generated a new shader for grass textures to solve the lack of variety in shading. As you can see, the surface now is less compact and much natural.


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Today BsimRacing was reported as a malware suspicious website by google.After investigation, a faulty Jquery scripts seemed to have been the problem. The affected file is removed, and all data has been scanned and verified.A clearance request has been send to Google. Sadly enough it may take a few hours before the actual warning page gets lifted. My apologies for the inconvenience.Thanks to all of you for the help and informing me of the problem. WiX, Read More
Live stream of the GlacierTV ProtoICE $1000 HPD cup Heats 9 and 10 of 16 @ Road Atlanta. Read More
Final part of input lag testing of NEC NP-V260X DLP projector. Here Tod clones to a Hanns-G HG281D monitor, a TN (twisted nematic) display known to have low input lag and fast response making it a great choice for gaming. Read More presents our review of IGP Manager. Internet Grand Prix Manager is an internet based fantasy Formula One style game. 'You manage all of the resources of the team in preparation of taking on the competition. Negotiate sponsors, hire your drivers, and test your setups prior to raceday activities. Read More
A short movie with all the highs and lows from the 2012 Supercar Challenge season, featuring exciting racing, impressive slow motions and massive crashes. Read More
It has been a while since we have posted some news regarding the WSGT2, but it does not mean we are hibernating. Being a Belgium citizen myself, and Arnold living way across the other side of the globe in Hong Kong, does not mean we have different favourites, when it comes to Racing Cars. Read More
SMS Quote: While the Slightly Mad Studios development team is busy turning Project CARS into the most advanced racing game on the market, our WMD members are busy creating stunning screenshots of all the latest development builds. Read More