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Inside Sim Racing – This Week Inside SIm Racing for the week of Dec. 10th.

This Week Inside Sim Racing for the week of Dec. presents This Week Inside Sim Racing. On this weeks show we have a very detailed recap of the ISR 200 (The Black Ice 200). this race took place last week and had over 300 drivers take part.We take a look at the top split to see how the day played out as well as cover all of the stars of the day from the other races going on. We also give away the prizes from the event meaning that 10 people walked away with something. In this show we also catch up a little with Live For Speed and see how development is going after quite a long break.

We also talk about the Raceroom Experience and their new beta stage that they have reached. If that wasn’t enough we look at 2 new Tamiya Simrig of the week and more all in one show.

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