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Cooper T73
Good News. Boreks and Friends only released the F1 Legends Racing mod for rFactor earlier this week, and they are already announcing a new mod. This time a 1964 Cooper T73 Formula one car that is being build for the GT Legends platform.Read More

Ferrari 312B Boreks and friends
BorekS and friends now proudly released the 1970 Ferrari 312B for both GT Legends and GTR2.  Read More

Boreks Ferrari 312B
Boreks posted a new video showing the progress on their Ferrari 312B mod for SimBin´s GT Legends and GTR 2. The model now has a newly created wheel set, completely new interior. A new material mask and reworked textures. Read More
Team 21 & Friends have released the Pontiac Firebird for GT Legends. After releasing the Mercury Cougar and the Boss Mustang this will be number 3 in the American muscle collection of Team 21. Read More
Back in 2007 Team released the first version of their Nordschleife track for rFactor. Now the Final version has been released for both GTR2 and GT Legends. Read More
A while ago BorekS announced working on the Ferrari 312B for GTL and GTR2. Here are two new preview screens of the model ingame. Read More
A few weeks ago BorekS announced working on the Ferrari 312B for GTL and GTR2. He has uploaded two more videos to give us a glimps of the work in progress. Read More
BorekS announced working on the Ferrari 312B for GTL and GTR2. Read More
F1LR Showroom allows to visualise and check the car skins and GenString code settings of the F1LR mod cars, without loading the game. This F1LR Showroom package includes the F1 Legends Racing mod car skins and templates for use in PhotoShop and Paint.NT . Read More
F1 Racing Legends [F1LR] is a free downloadable add-on car pack for race simulation games, based on old Formula One era cars. F1 Legends Racing is a mod for GT Legends, GTR2, and Race 07 / Race Injection and it is scratch build. Read More
5 years after leaving the modding scene, BoreKs is back. Being involved in different projects, BoreKs is also working on a Cooper T73 F1 1964 addon car for The Simbin´s GT Legends title. He started the model end of decemeber 2013. Read More
A good friend of BsimRacing, and actually one of the people that got me into modding messaged me today with some great news. BorekS who you may remember from the awesome Marcos LM600 mod for GTR has been working on a free downloadable add-on pack for race simulation games GT Legends and GTR 2. Read More