GTL/GTR2 – Ferrari 312B by BorekS (WIP video)




A few weeks ago BorekS announced working on the Ferrari 312B for GTL and GTR2.
He has uploaded two more videos to give us a glimps of the work in progress.

BorekS Quote:

A video shot from a car mesh ingame performance testing. This footage presents, how dangerous the track with AI car is 😀
driven with keyboard, and just to show some action… 😉


The Ferrari 312B was a series of Formula One racing car models, designed and built by Scuderia Ferrari.
It was the successor to the Ferrari 312 and was used from 1970 until early 1975. Several versions were made: the 312B, 312B2 and312B3.


Showroom F312B project presentation made with 3DRad (

  • 3D mesh: BorekS, Tyio
  • 2D gfx and textures: BorekS, Tyio
  • Sound: Ferrari engine idle
  • Music: 30 Seconds To Mars – Night Of The Hunter

Special thanks to:

Robertoo Molvadoo for 3DRad script support
RMi for allowing the rework / add some car mesh and texture parts.



Official Webpage –