Monthly Archives: "March 2013"

Radiator Springs Racing released a new version of the RSR Live Time plugin for the Assetto Corsa Tech Preview. Make sure to try out version v0.9.9_002. Read More

A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out. Build 427 for all members to enjoy. Read More

Which car would Allan McNish add to the SimRaceway sim library if he could choose? Read More
feels3 has released a new video of the Croft track project V1.0 for rFactor 2. Read More
Kunos Simulazioni has released the Assetto Corsa Technology V0.99 Preview, available for download at Read More
The Forza Motorsport ALMS Challenge starts this weekend. This season-long series of Rivals Mode racing events in Forza Motorsport 4 is based on the real 2013 season of the American Le Mans Series. For each race on the 2013 ALMS calendar, we'll create a new Rivals Mode event in Forza 4, using an ALMS series car and, whenever possible, the same track featured in the real race. Read More
SimBin Quote: We are happy to announce a new addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience. When I say happy, I mean we are jumping up and down while dancing on the table! It is the most extreme Capri ever to be raced in history! This purpose build Capri from the Group 5 era is a racing monster on its own. Read More
SLIMax Manager III now supports any HID Compliant hardware including Fanatec, Logitech and Thrusmaster gameware and obviously, any button-box, any controllers, any joystick, shiftter or gamepad. Read More
Project CARS is coming along nicely, that's why BenBuja made this short video demonstrating some of the new cars, weather effects graphical features. Read More
With the F1 2013 season starting, Pirelli has a preview look at the Australian Grand Prix using a 3D representation.of the Melbourne track. Read More
In the second installment of Track Guides for the World Championship Grand Prix Series, you'll ride along with one of the fastest road racers in iRacing and World Championship Series driver, Petteri Kotovaara as he shows you how to get the fastest lap time at one of the world's most famous F1 circuits: Interlagos. Read More
by popular demand, here are some Quick and dirty video snippets of the RMT Megane Trophy Development for rFactor 2. (This is a scratch build mod and not to be confused with the ISI stock content.) Read More