Monthly Archives: "August 2013"

FTRacingTV did an interesting video comparison. Formula Truck 2013 vs Game Stock Car 2012. You can see how hard Reiza Studios worked, to improve the visual side of the track. Read More presents their tutorial on how to remove the fixed shifters from a Thrustmaster T500RS wheel. Read More

The GTLW Mod Team announced a upcoming update for their Power&Glory project for GTR2. The team is preparing the P&G v3.1 patch. Read More
Simbin posted a sneak peek of the upcoming content in RaceRoom Racing Experience. Read More
Vesaro are pleased to announce the launch of the worlds first motion simulator to feature DBOX 6" 4500HD technology offering a new dimension of movement for multiple applications. This is taking their flight simulators to new realms of movement and adding increased realism for racing. Read More presents This Month Inside Sim Racing. August 2013 Read More
Enduracers Modding Team announced a list of provisional features that will be in the Endurance Series SP2.1 PATCH for rFactor. Read More
In memory of Enzo Ferrari who passed away 25 years ago on august 14 1988, Kunos Simulazioni posted an in-game screenshot of the Ferrari F40 on track. Read More
Reiza Studios released the Fomula Truck 2013 Simulator. The official simulator of the popular Brazilian Formula Truck series and accompanied the release with a brand new product webpage. Read More
Tod Bettenhausen takes a look at the Oculus Rift virtual reality technology, superbly implemented in the motorsports simulation. See what it's like to be "in the game"! Read More
Full Race video report of the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron sports car racing at the Road America Circuit. This is the Orion Energy Systems 245 Race. Read More
Racing Games Show have created a video showing Reiza Studios new season of Formula Truck series machines competing in the 2013 season, and have a look at each different cockpit. Read More