A lap at Sonoma Raceway in Sector3’s R3E

R3E Sonoma Raceway

A lap at Sonoma Raceway in RaceRoom Racing Experience

Yesterday Sector3 released the Sonoma Raceway circuit for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Sim racer Ak1504 posted a video showing us a lap at the new track driving the R3E McLaren 12C GT3 in both cockpit and camera view.  The new R3E track features 4 alternative layouts. In this video, the full 4.05 km course is used.

The Sonoma Raceway is also featured on the iRacing and Project CARS platforms, and is available as a mod for rFactor2. In our humble opinion, Sector3 have done an outstanding job recreating the American venue. We are rapidly becoming fans of the graphical style of the Sector 3 Simulator. When trying out the various simulators, we often have the impression that the Project CARS version in all its glory, sometimes looks a little over-processed. In comparison, the iRacing version looks somewhat flat and shows a noticeable detail difference between the cars and track.

The Sector 3 attempt seems like a perfect blend, between detail, viewing distance ans color blending. When we combine that with R3E’s superior sound this version of Sonoma really comes to life and makes the most of this exciting circuit.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a comparison video by FTRRacingTv, showing us the real, iRacing, Pcars and rFactor 2 tracks side by side.

RaceRoom Racing Experience or R3E for short is a Free2Play Racing Simulation. The game includes five free-to-play cars and two highly detailed tracks. Three driving models are supplied for free as well as online competitions and challenges.

Official Webpage – https://game.raceroom.com/  –  https://sector3studios.com/


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