A Look At The VPG V-PGT Racing Wheel

VPG V-PGT Racing Wheel
VPG V-PGT Racing Wheel Front

Born out of passion and love for motorsport and sim racing, the British VPG brand was founded by Mike and Manny after they successfully designed and built a custom wheel for their e-sports team. The small started their career by producing the scratch-built Elemento and Elemento Pro wheels.

A while ago we took a look at their V-RSPG Pro Racing Wheel which is a handmade high-end SimHub-compatible sim racing steering wheel featuring a built-in 4.3” integrated Vocore 3mm Gorilla Glass screen.

Now let’s have a look at the high-end VPG V-PGT which is a screenless high-end VPG Sim Racing rim that is available in both a forged and Standard carbon version. The V-PGT carbon fiber wheel body is fitted with injected molded grips, CNC’d anodized aluminum knobs, and great-looking yet useful button guards.

The V-PGT front panel features an impressive array of Automotive-Grade electronics, including 12 Apem 5G 6.5N buttons, 3 Elma E33 rotary encoders, 1 Elma MR50 rotary switch, 2 Elma E33 rotary thumb encoders, and 2 Otto P9 push buttons. Furthermore, the wheel features 96 RGB individually controlled LEDs and 62 inputs which can be customized using the superb SimHub software. The electronics are connected to the PC via an included heavy-duty coiled USB cable.

The rear carbon fiber wheel cover houses a 70mm carbon fiber QR Hub plate, and boasts 4 magnetic paddle shifters with industrial-grade microswitches, ensuring a staggering lifespan of 1 million clicks. 

A nice detail is that the VPG V-PGT Racing Wheel comes in an industrial-grade hard case to ensure safety and ease of transportation.

The Standard Carbon VPG V-PGT Racing Wheel is available for £1449.00 excl. VAT (€1660.00 excl. VAT) + shipping. The Forged Carbon version will add an extra £100.00 excl. VAT.
(Current Estimated Shipping Date: W/C 22/11/2023)

VPG V-PGT Racing Wheel Rear

Key Features:

  • Full Carbon Fibre Design
  • Injected molded grips
  • 62 mapping inputs + 96 individually controlled RGB LEDS
  • 12 APEM 5G 6.5N buttons on the front
  • 3 ELMA E33 rotary encoders + 1 ELMA MR50 rotary switch (equivalent to 12 buttons)
  • 2 ELMA E33 thumb rotary encoders
  • 2 Otto P9 push buttons on the back
  • 4 magnetic paddles with Industrial-grade microswitches
  • 300mm diameter
  • Fully SimHub Compatible
  • Polycarbonate stickers
  • Compatible with 50mm PCD and 70mm PCD
  • 1.5kg weight including VPG wheel hub

What’s in the box:

  • V-PGT Pro Wheel
  • Industrial Grade USB Cable
  • 60mm anodized aluminum wheel extension (included for pre-order only)
  • Stickers Set
  • Black VPG metal crest
  • Silver VPG metal crest

Official Webpage – vpgsim.co.uk

VPG V-PGT Racing Wheel carry case