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Assetto Corsa – Early Access Update 0.6.5 available. (0.6.6 Update)

Assetto Corsa

Mclaren MP-12C GT3


As on every second Friday, the Kunos Simulazioni Dev team released V0.6.5 of their Early Access version of the Assetto Corsa Simulator. Besides the usual important fixes and improvements the bombshell of this update is the addition of the McLaren MP4-12C GT3. Also a Stage 2 version of the BMW 1M is implemented, while the  Lotus Evora gets a Stage 2 upgrade.

In this update , engine damage has been enabled as a test. There is no doubt that this feature will be getting some development updates in the near future. Also an interesting feature is the “Steam friends leaderboard”.  With this ard app you can hotlap your friends and reset the leaderboard whenever you decide to start all over. Great for some private competition.


  • Fixed old replays engine sound
  • Launcher :: fixed small issues
  • Audio : fixed low volume in a file


  • Oculus Rift improvements
  • High fov on single screen (>80 degrees) rendering fix
  • Car physics & apps fixes
  • Balanced opponents volume
  • Some ranking fixes
  • fixed closing AC while a replay was playing after a race
  • Replay performance improvements
  • Fixed real time position on restart
  • Best lap is kept when restarting session
  • Fixed look back on replay
  • Engine smoke when damaged
  • Engine damage (not balanced yet)
  • McLaren MP4-12C GT3
  • Upgrade BMW 1M Stage 3
  • Upgrade Lotus Evora Stage 2
  • Ferrari 599XX Aero center of pressure adjusted
  • Ferrari 599XX improved cockpit view and adjusted bonnet cam
  • Small aero improvements on BMW Z4 GT3, M3 GT2 and P4/5 Competizione
  • New overboost function BMW Z4 Drift (keys 1-0 for 10% to 100% turbo boost. 80% default)
  • Engine damage when turbo overboost is over 80% on cars that support it
  • Engine damage from overrevving the engine (i.e. downshifts)
  • Steam friends leaderboard & Friends Leaderboard app for hot lap, drift & time attack

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Assetto Corsa  Early Access Beta can be purchased for 34,95€ on Steam –


Official Webpage –

Video by BSNismo.