Assetto Corsa La Ferrari Teaser

Assetto Corsa La Ferrari

Assetto Corsa La Ferrari Teaser

Kunos Simulazion is getting closer to its V1.0 release of Assetto Corsa. There are plenty of cars scheduled to be in this V1.0 release to suit all tastes, but one of the most prestigious dream cars featured will be the officially licenced Ferrari La Ferrari .

The Kunos development team did not take shortcuts producing the model, and have taken in-game car simulation one step further by adding a very advanced simulation of its hybrid system and will feature animated active aero systems.

The Ferrari LaFerrari or F150 is a limited production hybrid supercar built by Ferrari. The design is based on the performance tests of the Ferrari FXX and research done by the Millechili Project at the University of Modena.  Only 499 cars will be built, and each one of them will cast a whopping 1.69 million dollars.

This hyper-car is powered by a 6.3 litre mid rear mounted 65° V12 Internal Combustion Engine producing 789 bhp at 9,000 rpm. The engine will produce an additional 161 bhp when the HY-KERS is utilized bringing the total power output to 950. All this power will be transmitted to the rear wheels by a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. All this violence is kept in control by an arsenal of electronic controls such as ESC stability control, ABS/EBD anti-lock braking system/electronic brake distribution, EF1-Trac F1 electronic traction control, E-Diff 3 third generation electronic differential,SCM-E Frs magnetorheological damping and active aerodynamics to enable maximum performance.

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