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Assetto Corsa latest micro updates

Assetto Corsa Updates
Assetto Corsa Lotus 98T  Assetto Corsa Lotus 98T

Assetto Corsa latest micro updates

Last Friday Kunos Simulazioni released update 0.21 for the Assetto Corsa Steam Early Access title. With this release, the Assetto Corsa development team stated that a batch of small fixes and micro updates would follow Friday’s build. At the moment the version number is at 0.21.6. Here is a short overview of the fixes and improvements.


  • RaceControl Leaderboard Fixes
  • Mirror Aspect Ratio Fixed
  • General fixes on multiplayer GUI
  • White border on skidmarks fixed
  • Size of the sun reduced
  • Reduced noise for analogic input
  • Driver’s name is printed higher respect to the center of the car


  • Launcher: control configuration device acquisition exception handling
  • Launcher default theme: minor cosmetic changes to labels


  • New Race Control
  • Server is now in control of fuel rate
  • Server is now in control of tyre rate
  • Server is now in control of damage level
  • AI does not flat-shift cars with no auto-cutoff anymore
  • Added “transfer” grip from session to session
  • AI cars now try to park on the side if they have a broken engine


  • Launcher: control configuration now includes assignment option for the newly implemented handbrake as axis (note: mutually exclusive with the button assignment)


  • Improved communication with X360 GamePad
  • Added password support for pickup servers
  • Improved Server Configurator
  • Server will now stop with an error if a booking session is added in pickup mode
  • Server will now stop with an error if cars in the entry list do not match the legal car entries in the server_cfg
  • Server will now stop with an error if multiple tracks are selected in pickup mode (unsupported feature)
  • Server will not correctly report to race lobby about the available seats in pickup mode


  • Launcher default theme: adjustments to multiplayer session info/request buttons


  • Adjusted Traction Control assist on Lotus 98T
  • Added app “post process filter” to switch between different Post Processing effects combinations
  • Adjusted Lotus Evora S side windows


  • Lotus 98T ride height adjustments added
  • Launcher default theme: adjustments to car listing of non-booking servers


Assetto Corsa is being designed to provide a very realistic driving experience, with single player and multiplayer options, officially licensed cars and tracks developed using Laser scan technology, and the highest level of accuracy possible in reproducing real world motor racing environments. Also, Assetto Corsa will allow for considerable customisation and modification, in order to satisfy the expectations of professional sim racers, gamers who prefer to approach the driving experience more progressively, and hobbyists who just like to collect lots of cars and tracks.

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