Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Alpha update available (V0.9)

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Assetto Corsa Multiplayer update deployed (V0.9)

Last week the release of the Assetto Corsa alfa version of the multiplayer mode was postponed due to some last minute technical issues. (a random black screen occurred when playing single-player races) The Kunos Simulazioni development team pulled in some lang working days to resolve the problems, and are now ready to deploy the long awaited and very much anticipated alfa version of the multiplayer update.

The Assetto Corsa Development team firmly states that the current version of the Multiplayer mode is an alpha version and that such a feature will need extensive testing to finetune the net-code, and iron out the bugs. In this version the basic multiplayer functions have been completed and are available for public testing.  Now the dev-team will be able to monitor the online activities, and use the gathered data to improve the online experience. So keep in mind that not all features are implemented. Ther Kunos Simulazioni team decided to improve the online part of the Early Access Assetto Corsa version on a step by step basis.

Working Features:

  • Booking system
  • Pre-booked clients from server admins
  • Password protected server for booking
  • Password saving for different servers
  • Multi class races
  • Race weekend (practice, qualifying, race) with configurable duration and number of laps
  • Select penalty system or not.
  • Track cycling
  • Loop mode
  • Maximum client limit, determined by circuit pit boxes
  • Clients may re-join at any session if booked.
  • Dedicated server available.
  • 10 public official servers

Known Issues:

  • Official server are set to 15 clients and we will gradually increase the clients number with testing. Dedicated server is not limited.
  • Wheels remain always connected on the ground, even if cars flies, jumps of flips
  • Steering wheels angles might be exaggerated, or inverted
  • Extended characters in player names, are not supported yet
  • Graphical active aero animations do not work on multiplayer clients yet
  • Opponents skidmarks are not visible yet
  • Opponents windshield are not visible in player’s mirrors yet
  • Opponents suspension movements are vertical, wheels might compenetrate cars body on some occasions
  • “Multiplayer options” option from the menu does not work yet (containing voting for skip session, restart servers, kick users, chats etc)
  • Switching between sessions dirt on the car doesn’t disappear
  • Race session ends some seconds after the leader finishes the race


For those who want to have a look at the Multiplayer part of the Menu, Kunos Simulazioni also posted an Assetto Corsa multiplayer animated gif to explain the ins and outs of the workings of the Multiplayer interface. The Walktough is also available as a PDF File.

The Assetto Corsa Early Access Beta can be purchased for 34,95€ on Steam –

Official Webpage –


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