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Assetto Corsa – Nordschleife Winter Edition Mod V1.1 Released

Assetto Corsa - Nordschleife Winter Edition Mod V1.1 Released

Assetto Corsa – Nordschleife Winter Edition Mod V1.1 Released

Creative community members Won & Joshkerr released their Winter Nords mod for Assetto Corsa.

The V1.1 Winter Nords mod changes 90% of all the track textures of the Assetto Corsa Nordschleife track to give it a winter atmosphere. Won and Josh did not cut any corners as they have reworked literally every texture part of the track. The vegetation, asphalt, fences, posters, structures, buildings, vehicles, marshals and much more, are all transformed into parts of an icy cold winter wonderland.

Won & Joshkerr also provided an optional alternative “surfaces.ini” file which changes the grip levels of the track surface and turns the Nordschleife asphalt into a slippery ice circuit. Get ready for some sideways action. (The original surfaces.ini is also included to be able to revert back to the normal setting.)

The texture part of the track is fully compatible with online racing, and will also work with apps such as RSR Time Live or SRS. Needless to say that using the edited surfaces.ini is not.





Remember: Before installing – please remove prior version completely.
Unpack the .rar file into the main AC folder. Run JGSME.exe and activate the Winter Nords Texture Mod, Sliding Ice Asphalt or both.
We include the original surfaces.ini for all variants in case you want to return to the normal grip levels.
It is highly recommended to uninstall the “Autumn Nords” if you have it activated.
If you have installed the RBS (Real Billboards & Stuff) mod, you will get a message stating that certain content has already been added. Don’t worry about anything. Just click “YES”.
To uninstall any of the mods and get Assetto Corsa back to the default content, run JSGME.exe and un-check the active mods.

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