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Assetto Corsa 1.03 Patch Available for PlayStation 4

Assetto Corsa PlayStation 4 Update V1.03 Available
Assetto Corsa Black Cat Country track

Assetto Corsa 1.03 Patch Available for PlayStation 4

Kunos Simulazioni has made the Assetto Corsa 1.03 patch update available for download on the PlayStation 4.

The new patch addresses some of the issues that were reported by the Assetto Corsa console community. The often discussed Framerate and Screen tearing problems should now be a thing of the past. Furthermore, the Kunos dev team added 2 additional difficulty levels and the overall AI algorithms have been improved.

In good Kunos Simulazioni fashion, the update also brings players some free content in the form of the Maserati Levante S SUV and the fictional Black Cat Country track. As the result of a new technical partnership with the Italian motorsport safety equipment SPARCO, Assetto Corsa now also features some new racing suits and gloves.

At this time, there is no release date revealed for the Xbox One Patch, but we can expect to see it become available soon.


Update V1.03 Changelog


  • Framerate is now smoother.
  • Screen tearing issues have now been resolved.

Quick Races

  • Players will now be able to select their starting position in the race options screen. • Gamepad algorithms have been improved, resulting in better handling.


  • On launching Assetto Corsa, the game will now recognize the device you are using, when selecting the ‘X’ button in the start screen.
  • A ‘Reset to Default’ option has now been added that resets the gamepad settings to recommended values.
  • Thrustmaster T80, T100 and TH8 shifter functionality has been improved.
  • A new option has been added which allows the player to set the visual steering lock to a degree of their choice.

AI Opponents

  • 2 additional difficulty levels have been added – ‘Very Easy’ and ‘Very Hard’.
  • AI strengths have been re-balanced, in response to community feedback.
  • Algorithms have been improved.


  • The Black Cat County track is now available as part of Update v 1.03: Get ready to enjoy its three different configurations: Long, Short, and Intermediate!
  • This fictional scenery comes with a bonus FREE car model, the Maserati Levante S, the first Maserati SUV! This is a great chance to enjoy the advanced physics level of the simulation with a different kind of vehicle.
  • The latest update introduces a new technical partnership with SPARCO, an Italian company that designs, produces and sells motorsport safety equipment, seats and more. Some exciting opportunities to come in the future! In the meantime, you can enjoy the all-new dedicated suits and gloves featured in the latest update of Assetto Corsa.
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