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Assetto Corsa – VR vs No VR Comparison

Assetto Corsa - VR vs No VR Comparison

Assetto Corsa – VR vs No VR Comparison

Virtual Reality headsets are a hot topic these days. So far community members seem the either love it or hate it.

The current generation of VR hardware lacks some image quality and runs at a lower resolution than your average Full HD screen. For instance, the Oculus Rift features an OLED display resulting in 1080×1200 resolution per eye at a 90 Hz refresh rate which in its turn needs to be powered by a pretty beefy high-end graphics card.

That said, with the rapid evolution of graphic cards and LED screens, it will not take long for VR hardware to catch up with the current HD screen quality. Now that most of the modern racing simulators out there are providing VR support it is safe to say that in the near future, VR hardware will most probably become the new display standard.

As a demonstration, TherealPaulaD published an interesting video comparing a lap in the Assetto Corsa Ferarri F1 at the virtual Autodromo Nazionale Monza while using the Oculus Rift VR headset versus a single screen setup.


TherealPaulaD says: For starters, the VR feeling, and the sight.
This “WOW ” effect, is impossible to experience in a normal “2D video”. The feeling to be within the video is only possible with VR goggles. (Oculus Rift HTC VIVE) If you tried one of those, you will agree.


This comparison can only roughly describe the feeling of being within the show.
To experience that feeling, you gotta try it for yourself.


My conclusion after one month using VR via Oculus Rift in “Assetto Corsa / Project Cars “, after getting used to the menu and the situation of suddenly sitting in the car, displayed via VR, are positive. After some time, I managed to get decent times.


I would suggest a purchase to my friends and colleagues, and would purchase it again


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