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Atze Kerkhof – Adrenaline Control Driver Training

Adrenalin Control

Atze Kerkhof – Adrenaline Control

Many of the Bsimracing regulars will undoubtedly know the name Atze Kerkhof. As an avid Sim racer, Atze climbed up the Sim racing ladder to become a member of Team Redline, who are probably the most famous Sim Racing Team to date. Dutchman Atze always loved sport and competition. So at a young age, he started competitive speed skating and got as far as the national selection. Many injuries forced him to give up the sport in 2009.

In 2014, Atze successfully started a Sim Training and Driver Coaching service. In 2015 he officially founded the Adrenaline Control B.V. Pro Driver Performance Center.

Track time is an expensive part of pursuing a motorsport career. For that reason, up and coming talents often seek the opportunity to prepare themselves in a virtual environment to become a more confident, capable racing driver. This is where the Adrenaline Control Pro Driver Performance center comes in.

Adrenaline Control combines cutting edge sport science services and a state-of-the-art simulator for a unique training approach through a driver maturity model that focuses on 5 competence areas (mental, physical, theoretical, practical and analytical). professional infrastructure for individuals or teams.

The staff at Adrenaline Control offers a broad variety of motorsport training programs including physical training, mental training, concentration training, reaction training, driver foundation training, circuit familiarization and track training, test/race preparation training, race performance training, race scenario training and complete off-season training.

Adrenaline Control simulator

  • Real 180 degrees front projection in 360 degrees simulator dome
  • Realistic high torque control loading system for steering wheel
  • Steering wheel with integrated electronics
  • Realistic high force (Up to 130 kg) pedal set
  • Four tire vibration cueing system
  • Ultra-realistic physic models based on actual car data
  • Live telemetry and coaching
  • Session debriefing with full data analysis and reports

GT & Formula training

  • Innovation Track for Simulator Phase 2 started
  • Introduction of revolutionary visual system based on an extremely low latency Augmented Reality projection in the driver’s visor
  • G-cueing system through G-suite
  • Second networked simulator with roll-in / roll-out open wheel monocoque / touring car modules
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