Auto Club Revolution – Brands Hatch Indy VS Reality.



TestDeAutos uploaded a new comparison video to check out how good the Brands Hatch Indy version of Auto Club Revolution compares to the real life version of the British track.
It has been debated if it is needed for a simcade title to have laser scanned tracks, but it seems they did a very fine job implementing it in ACR.

Building on traditional forms of data collating, including CAD, satellite and telemetry data, laser scanning uses an advanced mapping system that creates a highly detailed, high resolution point cloud.
This point cloud helps the 3D modelling team to pin point track height and depths but also the racing environment, showing where the exact positions, depths and angles of curbs are, paint, trees barrier and fences. This extra level of detail allows for a true recreation of the track, making it 100% accurate. 

Auto Club Revolution features 2 routes around Brands Hatch, with both the Grand Prix and Indy routes being open for racing.


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