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We have talked about the phenomenon of the same car brands and models being licensed by just about every racing game developer out there.  This brings us to Auto Club Revolution by Eutechnyx. They just confirmed that the RUF Automobile Rt 12 S, RGT-8 and CTR3 will be coming to ACR.  Read More

TestDeAutos uploaded a new comparison video to check out how good the Brands Hatch Indy version of Auto Club Revolution compares to the real life version of the British track. It has been debated if it is needed for a simcade title to have laser scanned tracks, but it seems they did a very fine job implementing it in ACR. Read More

After uploading the Developer Diary Video in the beginning of the week, Eutechnyx Limited are now showing us the presentation video of the Brands Hatch Circuit for Auto Club Revolution. Brands Hatch is the first track to be included in Auto Club Revolution which has been reproduced using laser scanning technology. Read More
Its Geek Week on YouTube and to celebrate being part of that Alan Boiston[Team VVV] thought it was time to release another of his retro gaming interviews. This time Darren Jobling the CEO of Eutechnyx, a discussion about his past, future and all the bits in-between. Read More
The Auto Club Revolution production team at Eutechnyx has produced a new developer diary which looks at the implementation of AI racers and how they can help and challenge new and veteran drivers alike.Read More
Cristophe Vietzke Executive producer at Eutechnyx Limited talks about Wet road conditions in this episode of the Auto Club Revolution Developer Diary. Read More
To celebrate the end of the Auto Club Revolution Beta stage and to thank all their players for participating, Eutechnyx have prepared an infographic video with plenty of interesting statistics from their game. Read More
The incredible 2013 BMW Z4 sDrive35is is now available for everyone to purchase in the Showroom! Read More
It’s a momentous occasion for Eutechnyx as they partner with telecommunication market leaders Megafon and VimpelCom to launch Auto Club Revolution in Russia! Enjoy the Auto Club Revolution Moscow Track Trailer. Read More
As 2013 well and truly gets underway Auto Club Revolution kicks it off with a host of updates and enhancements. Read More
Check out the various features on offer in Auto Club Revolution.Read More
Dodge Charger SRT8, Challenger SRT8 and Viper SRT10 ACR now live in Auto Club Revolution! Read More